Leading Revolutionary Conversations

About Reclaiming Us – Your Racial Equity & Inclusion Consultant

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Leading Revolutionary Conversations

About Reclaiming Us – Your Racial Equity & Inclusion Consultant

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Finding Our Voice

There Are Those Who Wait For Change…

After spending more than a decade in racial equity and inclusion roles in both nonprofit and corporate spaces, we noticed a theme across the board…Not all organizations know how to start or where to turn for comprehensive racial equity and inclusive tools. 

Even fewer feel confident enough to lead those who have been historically marginalized by society like trans and non-binary folks, people of color, and women.

The vision for the future is there. But they still need guidance on…

  • Accountability
  • Ownership
  • Systemic Change

What We Developed

…And Then There’s Reclaiming Us.

Promoting racial equity and inclusion means connecting with others on a human-to-human level. Unlocking the barriers of our minds and opening ourselves to seeing new perspectives is a universal challenge that we want to take on with you. 

Reclaiming Us gives individuals a support system and provides organizations with the services needed to make equity, inclusion, and justice an integral part of their culture for the next generation of professionals and leaders.

Small Group & 1-On-1 Coaching

Personal or small group coaching to co-design racial equity and inclusion conversations.

Coaching Services
Workshops & Webinars

Customized workshops for an immersive experience.

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Speaking Engagements

Dynamic speaking opportunities throughout the year.

Speaking Engagements
Cohorts For DEI Professionals

Tailored programs for the DEI professional.

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We Work Better Together

Set a new standard, invest in significant change, and watch your potential prosper.

Our Mission

To empower and implement equity in an organization's day-to-day operation and to accelerate social justice in the workplace through intentional behavior.

Our Vision

To co-design a future where people thrive under transformational and inclusive leadership as the norm.

Our Core Values

What we live by…

  • Community Is Everything

We have a choice about who we share space with. Being in a community with our partner organizations and companies, we solve problems as a collective.

  • People Make The World Go Round

We do this equity work to transform and create new systems that work for all people. We do that WITH people not FOR them.

  • We Take Our Time

We put in the work and are intentional about how we make decisions, bring people along, and are included. And we aren’t afraid to pause and start over in the name of equity and fairness.

  • Rest Is Resistance

Inspired by the movement's founder, Tricia Hersy, we believe in the anti-oppressive influence of rest. We use this to reclaim our power, sustain our advocacy, and continue doing meaningful work.

  • We Are Always Learning

We learn through research, reading, and reflection. We build opportunities for learning in all of our projects.

  • Love Is The Foundation

We approach our work with deep, personal care for those we work with, and the people they serve.


It’s our dream to be able to make a difference outside of our racial equity and inclusion services. This is why we’re proud to directly support organizations working and investing in black and brown communities. Donating to these organizations deepens our business's impact in breaking down barriers for the future we envision.

Meet Anastasia Greenmore

Founder & CEO | Mom | Changemaker | Senior Consultant

After a decade, I stepped off my career path because I was physically sick and burnt out after experiencing years of racialized trauma in the workplace. 

As a black woman working in white-dominated spaces, I tried to find ways to fit in – even at the expense of my own health. It's a paradox I struggled to truly understand because I rarely had other co-workers who looked like me or whom I could relate to about my experiences. This told me that we needed to seek each other out, find safe spaces to express what we were feeling, and give it a name. This is how I experienced the power of affinity space.

Much of my career has been as a changemaker and advocate. I’ve served on 3 nonprofit boards – all in some capacity of trying to build a world of the future that was more just and equitable for folks like me and my daughter. I led the creation of affinity spaces, both formally and informally, in the organizations I worked for with the same goal in mind – a greater sense of community and belonging. 

When I see a problem, I don’t sit on the sidelines – I find a way to take action. 

I also find a way to help bring others along in that action. Whether that looks like organizing communities for collective action or healing, this is the work I cherish doing. 

Welcome to Reclaiming Us – where we’re co-designing a future for a new era of professionals.

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“I’ll no longer expend energy forcing myself to fit in when I’d rather spend my life’s work showing others that they already belong.”

Anastasia Greenmore
Founder & CEO of Reclaiming Us

Anastasia's Impact

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