Reclaiming Us: Racial Equity Consulting Services

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Reclaiming Us: Racial Equity Consulting Services

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Many thought leaders and organizations say they have transformational leadership styles, but only some do the work required to make this claim a reality.

Is your organization status quo or equity-minded?

You always have the choice to embody one over the other. But collectively, that selection has a bigger impact than you know in determining your and your organization’s journey toward growth and long-term success.

Past studies show that…

51% of women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups experience racism at work (Catalyst Report)

The darker a woman’s skin tone, the more likely she is to experience racism at work (Catalyst Report)

A recent review documented that discrimination is positively associated with measures of depression and anxiety symptoms and psychological distress (National Library of Medicine)

3 in 5 employees in the United States say they have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination (Glassdoor)

Reclaiming Us is shaking up “business as usual” in favor of an inclusive, unified future.

Make equitable practices a normal part of your everyday actions and…

  • Prioritize accountability
  • Level up leadership skills
  • Build a culture of healthy collaboration
  • Invest in strengthening the future of your organization

Rooting out systemic inequity is a constant challenge.

Reclaiming Us co-designs your conversations to accelerate change through intentional actions – fostering a future where equity, inclusion, and justice practices are well-established.

Because, ultimately, we all do better working together.

Don’t know where to start? Download the free guide below.

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Habitual Practices Provide A Deeper Impact

Small Group & 1-On-1 Coaching

Ideal for smaller groups to enhance your equity leadership capacity and empower a movement toward impactful transformation within your organization.

What’s Included

  • Materials preparation
  • Non-session learning
  • Action plans

Workshops & Webinars

Create the culture change you envision with professional training workshops developed to empower team members with practical tools and strategies for tangible growth and success.

What’s Included

  • Expertly guided workshops
  • Live gatherings (virtual and in-person)
  • Community access
  • Coaching hours
Explore Workshops & Webinars

Speaking Engagements

Book the founder of Reclaiming Us, Anastasia Greenmore, for your next speaking event and get involved in the conversations around racial equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Hear real-life experiences, self-reflect, and gain a fresh perspective from someone who’s on the frontlines – turning DEI discussions into well-informed actions in the workplace.


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Cohorts for DEI Professionals

Finally, a program for professional development, diversity, inclusion, and equity practitioners that starts with healing.

Regardless of training level, this program gives these professionals the framework and community they need to lead diversity and inclusion efforts with confidence.


Contact Us About Cohorts

Our Influence

Transformative Leadership Is In Demand

It’s up to you to answer the call.

Who We Partner With…

  • Those who are ready to embody the behavior change for inclusive workplaces are ready to embody the behavior change for inclusive workplaces.
  • Organizations and people willing to slow down and put in the work necessary to make lasting change make lasting change
  • Executives who take their role seriously by promoting equality and diversity in every business capacity
  • People leaders who are ready to pick up an advanced set of valuable skills
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We Won’t Be A Good Fit If You Or Your Organization Are…

  • Simply checking off DEI initiative boxes
  • Planning to half-participate or rush through all efforts
  • Unwilling to truly invest in the future health of your organization’s culture
  • Still sorting through competing priorities within your organization (let us know when you’re ready)

What do you say about owning this next stage of your personal and professional development?

Let's Work Together!

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